MTV still sucks

Like, totally embarrassing Jenny moment:

Okay, so if you’re like me you’re annoyed with the fact that no matter how many channels you have, 90% of the time there’s nothing on them when you have the time to sit down, vegetate and watch them. I’d be more than happy to watch Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, et al. more often if there weren’t so many depressing shows which focus on things like animals eating their young, biographies of notorious serial killers and autopsies. So occasionally I find myself watching mind numbing garbage on MTV and amongst the seemingly endless loops of commercials there are shows like the … uh … ‘reality’ show Laguna Beach which focuses on the trials and tribulations of being a teenaged, spoiled brat whilst residing on the coast of Southern California.

I feel so sorry for every self absorbed snot on that show every time they bitch and whine about life as they stand on one of their beachfront or hillside property’s third story balconies and take for granted their panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean at sundown. But I’m a very sensitive person, so I don’t expect you meanies to be as empathetic as I am.

Anyway, so here are the two main ‘stars’ of that show, Kristin and Lauren (“LC”), at Stuff magazine’s Stuff Style Awards on September 7th.

In honor of their rivalry, select Hollister stores are selling Team Kristin and Team LC shirts which are as stupid as Team Aniston and Team Jolie shirts sold at Kitson and seen here on America’s favorite media whores, the Hilton sisters.

In my defense, Laguna Beach is more annoying than depressing and isn’t half as gross as an autopsy, so cut me some slack, will ya?