Everyone hates Diddy

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Nielsen Media reports that the MTV Video Music Awards – hosted in Miami by the recently-rechristened rapper and producer Diddy – averaged 8 million total viewers Sunday night, off sharply from 10.3 million viewers last year, a dramatic plunge of 22 percent. The numbers were so low that advertisers are asking for $12 million in bonus ads to make up the difference. And all MTV had to do to get those suicide inducing numbers was put up with Diddys typical self-important idiot hissy fits. According to Radar Online:

Diddy showed everyone involved with the show a diva type of attitude-crass and profane,’ says our insider. ‘Producers already knew what they were getting into with this guy, but he made their lives miserable.’ At one point during the proceedings, we’re told, Diddy went so far as to refuse to return onstage and ‘say another word’ until he got a piece of cheesecake.”

I beg you, anyone in charge of anything, please pay attention to these numbers and accept what the rest of us have known for 5 years now: EVERYONE FUCKING HATES SEAN COMBS. I cannot stress this enough. Stop hiring him. I beg you. No one cares. No one listens to him. No one looks at Pepsi and thinks, “Yes, I want to drink what Puff Daddy drinks.” I would personally come to your house and kick you all in the nuts, but I’m busy trying to find the people who keep hiring Snoop Dogg. Oh, but you’re next. Don’t think for a second that you’re not next.