Naomi gets down, Federline gets dumber and Diddy gets dissed

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Jenny here with a few quick links for you:

Naomi Campbell can’t keep her hands to herself. She got in another fight with some model I’ve never heard of in some snooty restaurant in Brazil. Normally the thought of two models fighting sounds a little sexy, but not when one of them is Naomi Campbell. Angelina Jolie’s voluptuous lips are kissable, but Naomi’s pair are downright punchable. For once, I’d love to read a “Naomi gets in another fight” story that ends with her knocked out and toothless thanks to a hot supermodel with a big fist. Now, that would be sexy.


We told you yesterday that Britney Spears wants to name her hillbilly spawn London Preston, but today the Sun Online is reporting that husband of hers wants the baby to be named Vegas because that’s where he’s “had the most fun.” Well, seeing as how those trips to Vegas were on Britney’s dime, maybe they should just name the kid something like 76-5589671 so it’ll be named after Britney’s bank account number.


The funniest thing I’ve read all day said the asshole formerly known as Puff Daddy was dropped on the ground when he tried to crowd surf his audience at a recent show in Ibiza, Spain and the people in the crowd didn’t bother to catch him. I’ve never ever considered buying a ticket to watch “Diddy”, or any of his other personalities, perform live, but I’d be more than happy to fork over the dough to help drop him on his pretentious butt. That, indeed, would be money well spent.


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