Jake Gyllenhaal is surfing

There is absolutely nothing good going on today and normally this is where I re-affirm my devotion to Marissa Miller and post some pictures of her, but the guy-girl picture ratio around here is pretty egregious, so here are some shots of Jake Gyllenhaal surfing. I think they’re relatively new, maybe a week or two, and if they’re older than that, you just need to keep that to yourself cause it would mean I just stared at a wet shirtless dude for an hour for no reason.

I don’t really know that much about this guy cause he doesn’t work that much. I assume he’s okay kind of like I assume swimming with dolphins is okay. I don’t really know for sure, although I do hear they both may lunge right for my dork if I’m not careful. I know chicks get real doe eyed about him cause they say he’s dreamy and he surfs, but I’d like to point out that he basically looks like every single guy in my fraternity and what he’s doing here is to surfing what walking across the living room is to the decathlon.