Posh is literate and Martha is cruel

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Jenny here with a couple quick links for you:

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham says she reads books, but admits she can’t finish them. She takes the easy route and blames her kids for that one, but she’s an emaciated, pig-nosed airhead and her husband is about a thousand times prettier than she is, so I can see why her life is so distracting that she can’t manage to finish a tedious book like The Little Engine That Could.


Martha Stewart has chosen her new catch phrase to use when she fires people from her new show I won’t watch which is the new version of The Apprentice. She decided on “You just don’t fit in my big, giant vagina.” Okay, so I made up the “my big, giant vagina” part. I simply refuse to say anything nice about her because she’s a wicked, doily worshiping, sparkly, puff painted monster. She’s made absurd amounts of money from claiming ownership of ideas and creations submitted to her by her fans and employees. Plus, I heard rumors that behind the scenes she wears a strap-on and threatens to donkey punch anyone who dares to defy her.