Depp is soft, Grohl is flattered, Murray is armed and Cruise is so not gay

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Jenny here with a couple quick links:

I never thought of Johnny Depp as any sort of “metrosexual” but apparently he has girly hands. I’ll let this one slide since most of the time he looks like he smells like an ashtray, but is still completely F-able even when he’s dressed as a filthy, drunken pirate. Did I say “even”? I meant to say “especially”.


Dave Grohl says he didn’t have sex with Christina Aguilera because he was married and she was too young. I hope Dave is kicking himself over this one because I’m quite sure Christina’s talents rivaled those of Jenna Jameson even when she was barely legal. If so, Christina should definitely prove it. On video. With Jenna.


I wish I was a famous movie star like Bill Murray so I could get away with threatening to knife people if they didn’t shut up and get off the phone. My restaurant and movie theater experiences would be so pleasant. And I’d totally gain street cred. Thanks Paul.


These should put those “Tom Cruise is gay” rumors to rest once and for all.