Hilary Duff is all grown up

Hilary Duff says she’s looking forward to shedding her image and playing quirkier, more offbeat roles as she gets older. The former Lizzie McGuire star turns 18 soon and admits to MTV.com she knows she will have to ease into roles that are not so squeaky clean.

This is a business and you have to give people what they want to see. It’s the smartest thing.”

I guess focus groups decided that what they wanted to see was Hillary in a black wig and looking as if she was going to the organic coffee house to read some crappy Goth poetry. But it’s easy for Hillary to second guess her choices to seem more adult now. Just a few months ago I made a very exclusive offer to star in a hardcore sex tape with Krista Allen. And she didn’t come right out and say, but it’s obvious she regrets saying no to that one. I told you just to chill out baby and let your lust take over. But you had to be all stuck up. Well, who’s sorry now Krista. Who’s sorry now.