Rose McGowan is filler

So, it’s not quite 5 AM here, and I’m still waiting for the coffee to kick in, so I’m just gonna put up these Rose McGowan pictures until it does. Cause idle hands are the devils workshop. And that’s when they spend time at the genitals. At least according to my poster that says “idle hands spend time at the genitals”. And then there’s a picture of Jesus chopping wood. And he’s got his white robes and a plaid cap, so you know it’s legit.

If you want, we can pretend this is news and talk about her currently filming the Black Dahlia, directed by the great Brian De Palma and written by the unbelievably great (and fucked up) James Ellroy, who also wrote LA Confidential. Now if they would only do White Jazz, that would be awesome. Cause comparing Officer Dave Klein to Officer Bud White is like comparing Ray Lewis to a butterscotch rainbow.


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