Katie Holmes is not so sure

According to Star, the first real riff between Tom Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes has started to surface about when and where and how the couple will be married. Katie desperately wants a large Catholic ceremony in her hometown of Toledo, Tom wants a smaller ceremony with only other Scientologists invited.

Although Katie has gone on record expressing her interest in Scientology, it’s apparently becoming a sticking point in the couple’s wedding plans. The actress apparently wants a Roman Catholic priest at their wedding out of respect for her parents … but Tom doesn’t feel a need to have the blessing of the Catholic Church when he says “I do.” He also wants to hold the wedding in a Scientologist-friendly location, according to the source, such as the Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles or aboard the Scientology yacht.

The one common thread all good marriages have is that both parties are attention whores and they get married on a sham religion’s giant yacht. Avoiding bears is a good idea as well, but for different reasons. The yacht thing is a good idea because it hammers home the “good times and in bad” part. It helps you recognize hardships. In this case, the hardship of living with opulence and luxury. It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred foot yacht, or a 90 foot yacht, even an 80 foot yacht, the new bride and groom can be happy no matter what. You may get attacked by pelicans, but church marriages make almost no reference to yacht size at all, and then what are you supposed to do when it comes up later in life? Where’s your God now? Not on a giant yacht, I’ll tell you that.

update – I apologize but I misquoted the Star article. Instead of saying “Tom wants a smaller ceremony with only other Scientologists invited”, what the Star says exactly is “He wants to keep the ceremony small, inviting only a few family members and close Scientology friends.” So if you read that first part and were on your way to burn down the Celebrity Centre, only burn down half of it.


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