Dedee Pfeiffer is in a sex tape

Dedee Pfeiffer – sister of Michelle – who posed for a very naked Playboy photo shoot in 2002, has only one regret about her experience with the magazine: that more people didn’t see it. And also that it didn’t feature hardcore penetration. I guess that would be two regrets.

I wasn’t able to do any press for it. By the time the issue came out … I was married and pregnant. (But) my husband and I did a (sex) video four years ago, when we first met, and I know he’s got a copy of it! I always think if he gets really mad at me or wants a divorce, he’ll put it on the Internet. If that does happen, I’ll say, ‘Thank you!'”

Sometimes, with all the strife and suffering in the world, I wonder if I’m really doing my part. That makes me sad, so then I masturbate while thinking about Dedee Pfeiffer having hardcore sex. I’m usually pretty sleepy after that, so I take a nap, where I sleep the sleep of the pure of heart and my troubles melt away. My conclusion is that a hardcore sex tape with Dedee Pfeiffer would solve every problem the world has. Or at least make them drowsy enough not to care.

note – the images behind these thumbnails are fully nude and very NSFW.

Two more of her Playboy pictures here and here. Both are very NSFW.