Simon is brazen, Fiennes is ungrateful, Britney is hopeless

Simon Cowell is in trouble: “A lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court in Los Angeles on Wednesday claims American Idol star Simon Cowell and ABC Television Network conspired to steal the trademarked brand Million Dollar Idea, copy the entire premise of a show already airing in national syndication on over 125 television stations, and market that idea as their own.”

Don’t even mention trademark lawsuits to me. Apparently my black-girl only strip club named ‘CinnaBuns’ was a little to close to that place at the mall.


Harry Potter star doesn’t like Harry Potter: Ralph Fiennes has slammed the Harry Potter movies and freely admits he didn’t read any of the books before taking the high profile role of Lord Voldemort “I have to confess I wasn’t very informed about the books before but now I have a lot of nieces and nephews who were very excited and came to visit the set.” Fiennes recently branded the first two films as “a little too saccharine and glib, even for Harry Potter fans.”

Why do people hate actors again? Oh, yeah, it’s cause they whine while cashing giant checks.


Britney shouldn’t bother: Christina Aguilera has warned rival Britney Spears not to expect a comeback after her baby is born because she’s “let herself go” too much to reclaim her sex symbol status. Aguilera is said to be horrified by the deterioration in Spears’ appearance and hopes Britney will be content with motherhood. “She’s let herself go. I can’t see a comeback on the cards.”

I like Christina, but … ummm … well …

update – I just couldn’t go out with that Christina picture. So these are see-thru and mildly NSFW. Hey, good times.