Mischa Barton is clueless

I was going to look up some random story about Mischa Barton to make this newsworthy, but some of the models are starting to wake up and I’m in a bit of a rush. But I did want to post these. And mention that, fashion wise, Mischa Barton looked better covered in vomit as the little girl under the tent in the Sixth Sense. And that’s hard to do. I’ve been covered in vomit on more than one occasion – often my own – and it’s really not the aphrodisiac you might imagine. I know she kind of goes for that organic, all-natural look, but all-natural is wildly overrated. Pothead hippies try to make that argument too. That it’s all natural. Like earthquakes and alligators, I guess. So tell you what hippies, next time you see a pit-viper, go give him a big hug. He’s naturally organic, so nothing could possibly go wrong.

I can’t remember what the point to all this was, other than Mischa Barton is still hilariously clueless about fashion, and that’s coming from someone wearing a ‘Worlds Greatest Grandpa’ t-shirt. But I still think she has a really pretty face, which seems to annoy people. For some reason.


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