Pam Anderson is mom of the year

I know that if I’m ever gonna find favor with the fat girls, I supposed to revel in the fact that Pam Anderson had sex with her husband and got an STD that will eventually kill her. And you’re right fat girls, screw her for being incredibly hot and capitalizing on that. I’m sure if you could take a pill and looked like Pam tomorrow, you would still stay with your drunken lump of a boyfriend. Cause you so admire the way he repairs air conditioners. Say what you will, but no one in Hollywood spends more time with their kids than Pam Anderson. And not just at trophy red carpet events for the photo op’s, she’s actually does real mom stuff like take them to swim lessons. Madonna and her kids don’t even speak the same language for Christ’s sake. And Britneys kid should be taken as a ward of the state the minute it starts to crown. Just give her a Dancing Elmo wrapped in a blanket, she won’t even notice. It’ll say something stupid and dance and she’ll beam with pride. “Oh my gawd, Kevin, it just like a lil’ us”.