Mischa Barton dates gay guys

The unbelievably great Radar Online has a post this morning about Mischa Barton and the new guy she’s been seen with as of late:

Ever since O.C. actress Mischa Barton’s split from oil heir Brandon Davis, photos of Barton and her alleged new beau, Hollywood stylist Johnny Wujek, have been all over the weeklies. But is the romance for real? While Barton, 19, is telling pals Wujek, 27, is her boyfriend, sources close to the pair say it’s all part of the not-so-ingenue’s plan to make her ex jealous … Called for comment, Barton’s publicist said that there’s “no way” his client and the stylist are dating. “It’s not even possible,” he added, “if you catch my drift.”

Radar Online is owned by the parent company of US News and World Report and the New York Daily News, so don’t think they don’t occasionally know what the hell they’re talking about. And Barton did jump on this guy like a trout who saw something shiny. It almost made me think some of my kissing potion had been stolen. So either Barton is super easily impressed, or Radar is absolutely right once again, just like their hard hitting expose that revealed I have Hollywood’s Hottest Buns.