Charlotte is big, Vince is confused, Jessica is hot

Sorry the page was kind of lame today. I only put up the two posts this morning, and that was like 8 hours ago. Johnny Law had his boot on my neck all day. I’m pretty sure it was racially motivated, which is confusing cause I’m white. I tried to explain that were all on the same team here officers, but they saw the way I pulled the ho’s and didn’t want to believe it. Then I showed them that I had factory rims on my car and they let me go.

A couple quick hits here:

Charlotte Church topless in super high res – now see her roll of fat with unsurpassed clarity.


Vince Vaughn doesn’t understand tabloids – “I don’t know who spends their time on `Oh my God, what happened today?'” Vaughn told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

Well if Vince gets any fatter this wont be a problem. He’s almost at the point where if you tipped him over, his arms wouldn’t even fall to his side, they would just stick out like you knocked over a sawhorse.


Jessica Simpson fires back at Christian critics – I’ll be honest, I didn’t even read this story. For all I know, you follow this link and you get some horrible virus, I just saw “Simpson” and figured this would be a good excuse to post pictures of Jessica’s tongue.

Hey, are you still reading this? I said “Jessica Simpson’s toungue.”