Charlotte Church is topless

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“Teen singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH has been left red-faced after paparazzi caught her topless on a Caribbean beach,” says Contact Music. “The Welsh soprano, 19, is holidaying in Antigua with her rugby star boyfriend GAVIN HENSON, and was unaware her ample bosom was photographed as she applied sun lotion to her body. Photos of Church’s bare breasts were published in today’s edition of British newspaper The Sun.”

Here’s that picture from the Sun below. So if you’re into blurry pictures of girls who are sort of famous, well then you’re the big winner. I think I’ll stick to internet porn and that strip club on Sunset and La Brea, thanks. Feel free to drop by. It’s a pink building next to a Chevron, and if you see a cardboard cut out of me, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Tell ’em Brendon sent you and your first drink is free!