Courtney Love is left out

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According to a story in this mornings Page Six, “Courtney Love is furious at a snub from Steven Spielberg. Love’s daughter, Frances Bean, and Spielberg’s son, Sawyer, are pals through a shared passion for equestrian competition, but Bean was left off the guest list for Sawyer’s recent bar mitzvah…”

I’m going to make stuff up here and suggest that Spielberg did contemplate inviting Francis Bean, but then someone mentioned that she would probably be escorted by Courtney Love, and that was pretty much the end of that. Based on stuff I’m not making up, you could release a pen of greased pigs and then set the ballroom on fire and have more peace and order than if you invited Courtney Love to something like a bar mitzvah.

And since the article also said something about Josie Moran…

update – And right on cue, Love mysteriously blacks out at a party and is rushed to the hospital.