Al Pacino is dating Rose McGowan. Seriously.

Al Pacino is said to be romantically linked these days to Charmed star Rose McGowan. Pacino is 65. McGowan is 31. The bile I’m gagging on is .002. Quoth Female First UK:

Pacino reportedly wooed McGowan after a date at Los Angeles restaurant Mortons. A source revealed to Us Weekly magazine: ‘She thought he was too old for her at first, but Al won her over'”

The only image creepier than old people having sex is old people having sex with hot young people, so I’m gonna write this as quickly as I can. I thought “wooed” meant something along the lines of “trying to date”, but then they said “after a date”, so maybe I don’t know what “wooed” means. I’m praying it’s not some crazy UK talk for “got her in the wheelbarrow position and then finished her off with a spirited reverse cowgirl”, cause I can only describe that image in my mind with one word: complete unadulterated terror. I’m hoping she’s only whoreing herself out like this to advance her career, since I’m minutes away from being a powerful Hollywood playa, I’m a big supporter of that kind of “can do” spirit!


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