Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn together

Another shame inducing waste of time, brought to you today by the fine folks at IMDb: “Rumors Jennifer Aniston is dating Vince Vaughn have surfaced again after the Hollywood stars were photographed hugging each other on the set of upcoming movie The Break Up. (Aniston) has been concentrating on her acting career since her split from Brad Pitt earlier this year – but pictures publishing in British newspapers show the co-stars touching each other in a way which suggests they are more than friends. In one snap published in the Daily Express Vaughn has both of his arms wrapped around Aniston, while she has both of her hands resting on his thigh.”

Here are those pictures the article mentions, and the noteworthy thing here is how big Celebrity Heartthrob Vince Vaughn looks. And I don’t mean fat (well, I kinda do) but he also looks taller than I remember. In the last picture, Aniston looks like she’s about to jump on his back like the end of that scene where Yoda decapitated those two Storm Troopers sent to kill him. Yoda’s fuckin cool!