Cameron Diaz gets punched

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From MSN: “Cameron Diaz was left stunned after she was punched in the face by a model who claimed the actress ruined her dress at a star-studded party … Furious Coralie Eicholtz, 23, attacked Cameron at Monte Carlo nightclub Jimmy’s after saying the actress stood on her gown causing her to trip and fall.”

Punching Cameron Diaz in the face has to be the most gratifying feeling in the world. And now that a precedent has been set, I’m gonna go buy a bunch of long flowing gowns and just kinda walk around where I think she might show up. So, if you guys wanna hang out or something, I’ll be the real handsome guy walking around Malibu in a wedding gown with a ten foot train and a kendo stick. And if you look behind me and Cameron Diaz is walking up, cover your ears cause you’re about to hear a loud snap. Followed by a bunch of crying.

note – NSFW pictures Coriale here.