Lindsay Lohan loves cocaine. Allegedly.

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It would be awesome if TVgasm had even a mildly more credible name, but I’m gonna pass on their claim about Lindsay Lohan and her dramatic weight loss none the less.

“TVgasm has learned from a source close to Lindsay Lohan that her shrinking, frail frame is not the result of an eating disorder, but of a coke addiction mixed will diet pill abuse … part of the Lohan elite agreed to give me some information on conditions of anonymity … “(her) partying is getting out of control,” the source reports. “She’s gone from occasional coke use to a full on fiend; it’s scary.”

Lindsay Lohan is either a coke freak or she’s been cursed by the Black Pearl. She’s an eighteen year old billionaire princess who for some inexplicable reason looks like she’s done two tours in ‘Nam. Maybe in a world of unicorn chariots and gumdrop rainbows there’s a completely rational explanation for how someone loses 50 pounds over the weekend that doesn’t involve amputation, but I’m pessimistic. If years of training with the Bolshoi Ballet taught me anything, it’s what girls look like when all they eat is cigarettes and cocaine. And, umm,


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