Christian Slater needs different help

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A report on this mornings IMDB is claiming that “Strippers at New York club Scores are offering their services to troubled actor Christian Slater to help him avoid a sex pest tag. The movie star was arrested … on Tuesday for allegedly groping a woman on the street. But strippers at Scores … insist they’ll come to his defense and testify he always keeps his hands to himself and behaves like ‘a perfect gentleman’ when he’s a guest at the club.”

Strippers are good for many things. Many many many things. Many many many many many things. But generally not as a character witness in a sex-related trial. Being referred to as the best behaved client at a strip club is like being referred to as the most-huggable Kodiak bear. I support girls being anything they want to be, especially if they want to be skinny bi-sexual whores, but I’m not sure if I’m a big champion of them being the deciding factor in whether or not I do jail time.