Victoria Beckham is crafty

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Contact Music is reporting that Victoria Beckham, “is releasing a series of tracks under a secret name because she fears her identity will put fans off buying her music. She explains, ‘I’ve recorded a number of tracks and I’m proud of them. This way, though, we can have a genuine hit and then, when it is a hit, I’ll reveal my true identity.'”

This may be obvious to everyone but Victoria, but it’s not the greatest idea in the world to announce to someone that you’re sneaking up on them. Remind me not to hire Posh Spice for any of the top-secret black-ops I have planned. She may look hot when we come out of the moonlit ocean in our wetsuits, but I don’t need to have my knife drawn and about to slit the guards throat just to have Posh blurt out, “Yeah, yeah, get him, get him!”