Mischa Barton is single

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Mischa Barton has apparently broken up with oil-fortune heir Brandon Davis. According to a story in Glamour UK, “It was Mischa who broke it off, for a few reasons: Brandon doesn’t have any real money of his own; it’s all his family’s … She thought it was ridiculous that a man would have to go to his mom each month for money.” Inheriting billions must be exhausting because Brandon Davis is kind of a fat lump who, unthinkably, dresses even worse than she does. And he’s kinda dorky looking. Not like me. I’m a hunk. That’s why I made it into that calendar dressed like a sexy fireman.

And here are some pictures of Mischa from last week in Cannes for any girl who thinks they want to come to Hollywood. Trust me, you don’t. Unless your a big fan of old guys leering at you.