Michael Douglas is the undead

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“Actor Michael Douglas nips out for some tucker with his sexy young wife Catherine Zeta Jones – and shows tell-tale signs of plastic surgery. The 60-year-old Basic Instinct star had a plaster next to his left ear and a weeping wound by his right one as he left a restaurant with Catherine, 35.”

Michael Douglas seems like a decent enough guy, but Jesus Christ dude, if you’re gonna be vagina enough to get plastic surgery, at least have the decency to hide and pretend like you didn’t. I assume you’re doing this to hold on to your ridiculously good looking and half-your-age wife, but there are some holes in any plan that takes you from withered mummy to oozeing withered mummy. That’s really not the upgrade someone tricked you into thinking it was.

note – that link above to the Sun seems to have died already. sorry about that. take my word for it, he looks freakish.