The third Four is up

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The double secret trailer for Fantastic Four, which previously was only seen at this year’s ShowWest event, finally hit the official site yesterday. But since the odds of anyone actually finding it and getting it to work are pretty damn random, I’ll spare you their cutesy tricks and directly link to it right here. I’m not sure if this one is any better or worse than the first two. It’s longer, and the ladies seem to like that, but it doesn’t have that cool Perfect Circle song, so that sucks. But it does have a very nice ‘flame up’ shot and the Thing growling out “It’s clobberin time,” which sent the nerds at ShoWest into a joyous rapture I didn’t quite share.

Chris Evans – who plays Johnny Storm – seems pretty damn cool, one of the more likable new actors. And the dude does his sit-ups, so you have to give him props for that. Jessica Alba looks pretty damn great here too, but I would have loved to have seen number two choice Rachel McAdams in the role. Of course my unhealthy crush on her is well documented.

And on a related update post thing, Thomas Haden Church is all but officially cast as Sandman in Spider Man 3, as correctly predicted right here last week with the eerie foresight that my blood of a black cat ceremony always provides.