Kate Bosworth can eat

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If you’re in an imaginary sexual relationship with Kate Bosworth like I am, these pictures may come as a bit of a shock, as she ruthlessly pounds a BacoMcButterJumbo breakfast like a stoned frat boy at a Waffle House. Even more shocking is the obvious conclusion that Kate is an expert on the Necronomicon, since there’s no non-evil-pact way to eat like a trucker and still look like a med school prop. I don’t have conformation that it’s human blood in the cup she’s drinking from, but, seriously, what else could it be? On the positive side, it’s cute that she’s as whacked out in love with her dog as I am and comforting that she can open her mouth that wide. The doctors said I’d never find happiness because of my special condition, but now, finally, I know there’s a girl for me.