Lindsay Lohan daily

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I swear to God we could make this page all Lindsay Lohan, all the time, just based on submissions. I honestly don’t know how she finds the energy to do so much dumb shit every single day. It’s almost admirable. This is just the stuff from yesterday:

denies anorexia – I know we already covered this. There are about 2000 ways to tell how much I love this story, but I’ll narrow it down to her questioning why the doctor would ask about anorexia. The IMDB report says, “She complains, ‘Even the doctor today – he was like, ‘Are you anorexic? Are you making yourself throw up? Are drugs involved?’ And I was like, ‘Are you saying this because you’ve read it in magazines? Because I don’t!’

She really does believe that doctors, scientists and Supreme Court justices sit around all day flipping through Teen People sorting through Lindsay eating rumors and trying to get to the bottom of why Chad Michael Murray is so dreamy. The doctor couldn’t possibly be basing it on any observed conditions. Oh no, God no, that’s crazy talk.

“dates” boy bander – I have no idea what McFly is, and the name Harry Judd just makes me giggle, but this was maybe the guy she maybe fucked in a bar bathroom last week. Call me old fashioned, but I just think that’s tacky. Behind the dumpster in the alley is so much more secluded. It’s like a little vacation!

tries chronic – She says, “I’m not going to deny the fact that I’ve tried pot. I hated it.”

You know what’s fun? Walking up to people in the middle of a conversation and interrupting by saying, “Yeah, literally!” That’s dumb, you say. No dumber than the idea of a sober Lindsay Lohan, I say. Checkmate, my friend. Checkmate.

has implants – more photographic “proof”. Something about her breasts should drop to the side in the pic and don’t. Keep the anorexia rumor in mind when you look at this. Oh, and also the chronic story, considering there’s clearly a Zig-Zag box on the table behind her. And while it looks to be just cigarettes, that brand would seem to be an unusual choice for someone high on life like Lindsay.