Star Jones sues PETA

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From Yahoo : “Star Jones is worried that the public won’t be able to tell the difference between her and drag queen Flotilla DeBarge. After PETA hired DeBarge to parody the fur-loving Jones in a new ad campaign, the corpulent co-host of “The View” sicced her lawyers on the animal-rights organization.”

If you’re a woman, being mistaken for an enormous transvestite is probably not the most flattering thing in the world. Some might even try to do something about their current look so that they do not look like an enormous transvestite. But since that would mean less snacking on sticks of butter, Star Jones is just gonna sue everyone in sight. There’s almost nothing about this story I understand and even less that I care about. Choosing who to root for between PETA and Star Jones is like choosing what color mouse trap to put my penis in.