Kirsten Dunst is ugly and cheap

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You may think that since the pictures below are of Kirsten Dunst giving money to a homeless man in a wheelchair, surely I could set aside the seething contempt I have for her, at least for one post. But you’d be wrong, since the cheap bitch gives the man a dollar. One dollar. I tip the inbred at Starbucks more than that and all he does is say, “my bad, you wanted soy?” Just for the record, Kirsten’s asking price is 6 million a film and she makes 3 movies a year on average. She’s clearly not throwing money away on fancy makeup and her outfit here from the Fashion Bug couldn’t have cost more than twenty dollars, but it seems there’s still not enough wiggle room in the budget to spare a five for the hungry paraplegic. God I hate her. Seriously, she’s disgusting. If I had to choose between the best sex of my life with Kirsten Dunst or jacking off in front of my parents … lets just say I hope that never comes up.