Pictionary Game On MLB Network Quickly Proves Guitars Resemble Penises

Man looking terrified on blue background. Photo: Iuliia Isaieva (Getty)

Why television producers still think they’re going to make it through a game of Pictionary without any of their hosts or talent drawing something that resembles a giant dick is beyond us. Then again, maybe they know it’s going to happen, so they do it anyway to go viral.

The latest version of Pictionary to take a walk on the saucy side comes from the MLB Network. Mark DeRosa, Sean Casey, Robert Flores and Lauren Shehadi really got a good chuckle at Paul Severino’s attempt to draw a guitar during a game of what they call “Central Scribbles.” Of course if you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably guessed it wound up looking like a huge boom stick.

You know, comics who rely on a majority of dick and fart jokes for laughs often get chastised by their peers as well as critics. Severino’s “guitar” snafu goes to show they can still pack quite a punch, even among adults who are well into their 30s and 40s.

There’s always the more direct approach: Navy Pilot Uses Plane To Draw Massive Penis In The Sky

So yeah, I guess producers should just keep the Pictionary games coming then. At least until they show any signs of being unfunny.