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Get Cozy With Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap At Blockbuster Alaska Thanks To John Oliver

Photo: HBO

Russell Crowe might save Alaska. Well, at least its last remaining Blockbuster video store, anyway.

According to AP News, you might need to bring your flyswatter the next time you set foot inside Blockbuster Alaska. John Oliver sent them Russell Crowe’s jockstrap from Cinderella Man, and now they have it on display for all to see.

You read that right, guys. The host of HBO’s hysterical Last Week Tonight with John Oliver sent one of the country’s last Blockbuster video stores some memorabilia he bought from Crowe during his “divorce auction.” He sent the jockstrap along with other goodies in hopes of helping keep their doors open.

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Some of the other items Blockbuster Alaska GM Kevin Daymude received from Oliver include the robe and boxing shorts Crowe donned in Cinderella Man, as well as his hood from Robin Hood, vest from Les Misérables and a director’s chair with Crowe’s name on it. All of that is great, but it’s the jockstrap that’s all the rage in Alaska right now.

“I tell you, we’re going to get a lot of traffic, is what I’m expecting,” Daymude said. “It’s the very first jockstrap memorabilia I can think of, yes.”

Daymude added that he’s not 100 percent sure that somebody washed Crowe’s jock before sending it out, but in hopes of giving the fine people of Alaska a chance to experience what only a few thousand Australian women have, let’s hope not.


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