Man Is Absolutely Shattered After Terrible Fail On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Photo: Paul Warner/WireImage (Getty Images)

It really is a shame that I don’t watch Wheel of Fortune, but I look forward to watching it when I’m in my 60s. But thanks to the internet, I can now catch up on all the hilarious fails on that simple, yet glorious game show. That’s how I found out all about the ‘popsicle bike’ fail. But this time around it’s all about a poor contestant named “Jonny” who I’m pretty sure had his whole world fall down on him.

On Monday, Jonny found himself about to get $7,100. All he had to do was pronounce the following phrase: “Flamenco Dance Lessons.” The bad news? He couldn’t even do that properly. Take a look at the video below:

Man. Even I feel his pain. Jonny somehow said “flamingo” instead of “flamenco” and like that he missed out on a lot of cash. Just look at Jonny’s face when he realized his big fail:

Screengrab: Twitter

Twitter was all about it, too:

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Something tells me that Pat Sajak loves to see people fail. He probably uses his contestants failures to keep himself young like a vampire uses the blood of younger people. That’s the way it works, right?

Well, Jonny will be tossing and turning for the rest of his life in bed, uttering, “flamingo…flamenco…” in his sleep.