If You Say ‘Dilly Dilly’ At The Masters Be Prepared To Get Kicked Out

Photo: David Cannon/Getty Images

If you don’t give a damn about golf you probably have no idea that this year’s Masters begin on April 5. Oh, and Tiger Woods will be taking part in it, too. But no one is talking about that at the moment. Everyone is talking about one phrase that was just banned: “dilly dilly.”

According to DeadSpin, people were handed a list of a bunch of phrases that cannot be said during the Masters. And if someone is brave enough to shout one of these phrases out a security guard will give you the boot.

Here’s what Bryce Ritchie, editor at golf magazine Bunkered tweeted:

“Just been told security staff at Augusta National have been handed a sheet with a list of sayings that are prohibited. I’m told “dilly dilly” is one of them. Patrons who shout out these phrases will be “removed” immediately.”

For those that aren’t aware, “dilly dilly” became popular after Budweiser aired an ad that featured a bunch of folks saying that word over and over again. Do I know what it means? No. Should it be banned? No. As annoying as it is people should be allowed to get hammered and scream “dilly dilly!” at Tiger.

And speaking of being banned: Japanese Kayaker Banned After Spiking Rival’s Drink With Steroids

This is just more proof that nothing interesting happens at the Masters. Well, aside from the common streaker. Let’s see how Twitter feels about this: