After 25 Years It’s Time We Finally Give ‘Demolition Man’ Its Kudos

Photo: Warner Bros.

Since we’ve already given 1993’s underrated Cliffhanger it’s due, as well as making sure you all understand how awesome 1987’s Over the Top truly is, it’s only right we finish this Sylvester Stallone film trifecta by adding a film that hasn’t received enough kudos in the 25 years it’s been out. That film? Demolition Man of course.

Demolition Man, released in 1993, stars a fantastic cast led by our hero, Stallone who plays a guy with the awesome name of John Spartan. We also have a young (and always attractive) Sandra Bullock, an over-the-top but hilarious villain named Simon Phoenix played by Wesley Snipes and other recognizable faces like Benjamin Bratt, Denis Leary and Glenn Shadix.

Photo: Warner Bros.

The film, which sports a 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, pits a police officer (Stallone) who is brought out of suspended animation in prison in order to go after an insane and violent old nemesis who is running wild in a non-violent future in 2032. Yes, non-violent and it’s 2032. Let’s just say that some of the film’s predictions for the year 2032 are pretty far off, but we still love it.

Let’s first showcase some of the reasons this movie deserves more praise.

The Absurd Villain 

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Snipes is so over-the-top, and his delivery and lines are so bad it’s hard not to cringe, but that’s what makes this film so perfect. And remember, this film was released in 1993 where over-the-top villains were ‘in.’ Well, let’s just be glad that Snipes didn’t go all Arnold Schwarzenegger/Mr.Freeze on us.

Sandra Bullock, Anyone?

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Bullock at 29-years-old, played the naive, rule-following, pre-Speed Lenina Huxley. And while every hero has a lady by his side, Bullock actually kicks-ass in the film, helping out Stallone’s character a ton. She also drops the classic, “let’s go blow this guy” line.

Clueless Stallone Is The Best Stallone

Stallone takes down the bad guys as he does in most movies, but the majority of this movie he’s trying to figure out how different 2032 California is. Because when you’re trying to take down an evil villain you have time to figure out how “future sex” works. More on that soon.

This Incredible ’90s Quotes That Made Everyone Cringe

And this one:

And this awesomely bad one, too:

That Mortal Kombat Ending

One of the most underrated things about this film are the fight scenes, including the final fight between Stallone and Snipes. This fight concludes with Snipes’ entire boding becoming ice, which of course leads Stallone to literally kick his head off.


Those Hilarious Future Predictions

Demolition Man takes place in 2032 California, but they had some head-scratching predictions:

In 2010 a massive earthquake in Los Angeles and San Diego combine both cities into San Angeles.

Sex doesn’t involve physical contact.

No murders after the year 2010.

Taco Bell is the only place to eat because it’s the only restaurant to survive the Franchise Wars.

All violence, including firearms, has been outlawed.

Toilet paper has been replaced by a bathroom method involving three sea shells.

Man, those are out there. Although, assault rifles are currently trying to be outlawed, and virtual reality has become a big deal so perhaps sex won’t involve touching soon (we hope not.)

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Some Predictions Were Accurate (Sort Of)

In the film, Stallone’s character learns Arnold Schwarzenegger is president thanks to a 61st amendment allowing foreigners to run for president. Sure, Arnie didn’t become president, but he did become governor of California. Plus, we now have a reality TV star as president, so we’re worse off.

Self-driving cars are a big deal in this film, and today, Google (and others) are trying to get folks to their destination without anyone behind the wheel. Hell, even Uber is trying to make this happen permanently.

Photo: Warner Bros.

That Iconic Movie Poster

Demolition Man : Cinema Quad Poster

OK, so it’s only iconic because we will never again see a movie poster headlined by Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes again. Just look at that thing — it’s so ’90s.

I think it’s only right we end this look down memory lane by taking a look at this brilliant scene:

So while there are plenty of great ’90s action movies, Demolition Man continues to be one that people have overlooked for way too long. But not anymore. This right here is a classic, ladies and gentlemen.