Ocean's 8

The Next Blow To The Patriarchy: Meet The Crew Of ‘Ocean’s 8’

Photo: Warner Bros.

No point in wasting any time getting to the next female-led hit, especially after all the success of Black Panther in the superhero universe. Between that and A Wrinkle in Timeit seems like time’s up for a new heist reboot, and Ocean’s 8 is set to steal the show on June 8.

While the original Ocean’s 11 dates back to 1960, the new female-driven cast emulates the 2001 start to the George Clooney/Brad Pitt trilogy, in which Danny Ocean (Clooney) starts a casino heist immediately upon his release from prison, putting together a team of 11 conmen for a job he’s been planning inside. While the film was a classic in itself, its sequels failed disastrously to deliver the same punch. The new film, starring Sandra Bullock in the lead as Danny’s sister, Debbie, will follow a similar suit with her release from prison, just before finding Cate Blanchett and rolling the dice, only this time the heist will go down in New York at the Met Gala.

We’ve got an early look at Ocean’s excellent eight, including some of the most badass women in Hollywood (Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna) and some of the funniest, too (Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling), along with James Corden who will likely be like the Chris Hemsworth of the Ghostbusters reboot. Meet the cast, see how they relate back to their predecessors and take a wild guess how jokes there’ll be about not needing balls to pull off a good heist.

With a laundry lit of major female cameos and a few surprise guest returns, it looks to be a steal.

This original Ocean’s 11 throwback was our first reaction, until we saw the trailer.


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