World Premiere: Killswitch Engage ‘Save Me’ Video

World Premiere: Killswitch Engage 'Save Me' Video

Metalcore kings Killswitch Engage have unveiled the brand-spankin'-new video for their new single "Save Me," and CraveOnline's got the world premiere exclusive!

"Save Me" can be found on Killswitch Engage's kickass new self-titled album, which you can pick up right here.

Here's what KSE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz had to say about the video, which was directed by Jim Starace:    

"This was my favorite video shoot EVER!  It took like 1/2 an hour, and we were turned into clay.  And who doesn't like claymation and space aliens?  They didn't like my suggestion of turning me into a blood-thirsty pterodactyl with laser eyes at the end of the vid, but it's cool. Thanks to all who worked wicked hard on this video…it looks sweet."

From drummer Justin Foley:

"If you are going to follow in anybody's footsteps, it may as well be Green Jello, right? With the "Save Me" video, we have finally achieved a band goal that we've been striving for a long, long time; shooting a video that we do not appear in. We also get to go into outer space."


Check out the official Killswitch Engage tracklisting below:


1. “Never Again”

2. “Starting Over”

3. “The Forgotten”

4. “Reckoning”

5. “The Return”

6. “A Light In A Darkened World” [Watch]

7. “Take Me Away”

8. “I Would Do Anything”

9. “Save Me”

10. “Lost”

11. “This Is Goodbye”


Bonus tracks on the deluxe edition:


12. “In A Dead World”

13. “My Curse” (live)

14. “Rose Of Sharyn” (live)

15. “Holy Diver” (live)


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