10 Major Movies That Were Made To Change The Course Of History

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

After watching a good Oscars speech, it’s common to think about all the movies that changed the course of history. Whether it was in their message, their direction or their casting, there are more than a couple of major movies to do so, but these 10 films seem to encapsulate some historical change in the way we see movies, as well as how we live our lives.

Black Panther, as well as the recent A Wrinkle in Timehave catapulted people into a major shift, while movies like Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Psycho set the bar for standards of their time and genres. These movies enrich us with entertainment while educating us about equality, activism and environmentalism.

So come along with us as we ride the wave of movies like The Day After Tomorrow and Dallas Buyers Club, which helped raise awareness, while others like Super Size MeBlackfish and The Cove showed us things that would change the way we eat and live. And then there are movies like Toy Story, which revolutionize the movie experience.