The 14 Worst Movies Of Our 14 Favorite Actors

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

We don’t know why they do it, but our favorite actors tend to make some of the worst movies. And not just bad movies for their career, like, the worst movies ever. Between George Clooney as Batman and our now-Batman, Ben Affleck, in Gigli, we could just stop there.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our top actors and actresses, pulling their worst decisions to date, and then we realize that not only were they bad for that person, they’re considered by many to be the worst piles of garbage yet. Who, you may wonder, are these actors? We’ve got the obvious ones like Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughey to the not-so-obvious picks like Leo and De Niro. But we’re all about equality so there’s plenty of women in here, too, like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

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Have a gander at some of the lowest moments from some of the hottest actors alive today. Obviously, we left out Daniel Day-Lewis, the greatest and most flawless actor alive, along with some dead folks who we don’t have the heart to pick on.