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Augmented Reality Makes Famous ‘The Ring’ Scene That Much More Terrifying

Photo: DreamWorks Pictures

There are so many things on the market right now that promises to put the viewer “in” the movie or show they are watching. But the reality is that unless you’re paying $100 to hang out in Universal Studios the results won’t be that great. But with that said, I want all of you to know that augmented reality (or AR, if you’re super into technology), makes that famous scene from The Ring ever scarier than you remember.

If you don’t recall the famous scene, it’s when Samara, played by Daveigh Chase, decides to crawl out of the television and freak everyone out.

And now thanks to programmer Abhishek Singh, we get to see what this scene looks like using an AR platform Unity. Have a look!

Are the graphics terrible? Yes. Does it look like a character from a video game from the early ’90s? Yes. It is freaky as all hell, especially when Samara decides to follow you around? Of course. I mean, talk about needy.

Singh shared it on his Twitter where it got the reactions you would expect:

h/t Gizmodo

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