This Terrible Burglary Attempt Got The Most Hilarious Play-By-Play

Screengrab: Twitter

Unless commentary is being done by the classic Jim Ross from WWE, chances are that it won’t be top-notch. Well, I’m going to eat my words because KIRO Radio 97.3 was able to recently give some hilarious commentary for what might just be the most useless burglar ever.

The footage below, shared by the radio station themselves, shows a man desperately trying to break into a pickup truck in the employee parking lot of the local radio station. Oh, and guess what his weapon of choice was? A mop. Check out the video below, featuring fantastic play-by play radio personality John Curley.

Here’s just one of the most fanatic quotes said:

“And he’s now positioning the mop again and slams it back into the window! Slams it a second time! That’s three! That’s four!

Las Vegas odds say he won’t do it one more time!”

Toward the end of the video, the suspect climbs onto a nearby roof, presumably to bash in a window by jumping on it.

And the best part about all this is that the guy ends up knocking himself out. And adding insults to injury now he not only failed at his mission, but he completely knocked himself out cold. All in all, it was a good day for this lad. But hey, then again, at least he’s getting a few minutes of fame. And apparently, the dude was able to walk away from all of this:

Good luck next time, my friend.