Kayak Rescues Man Who Can’t Swim Off Burning Boat

Photo: nightman1965 (Getty)

I’m not a fan of water and I’m also a terrible swimmer, that’s why I do my best to stay away from it. But the fisherman in the video below not only can’t swim, but he decided to get on a boat without a life vest on. And when you combine all of those factors you just know things aren’t going to go well for you.

The fisherman ran into a heap of trouble when the fishing boat he was on caught fire after the boat’s engine went up in flames. Here’s how the video was described on YouTube:

“A fisherman was trapped on a burning crabbing boat. Hew wasn’t wearing a life jacket. He was in freezing water and he couldn’t swim from cramping muscles and pure exhaustion. Miraculously, a lady paddled her kayak out to the boat engulfed in flames. The fisherman laid on the back and kicked his feet to get them to safety. It would have been a grim day for him if the Kayak Angel wasn’t there!”

Leg cramps? Yeah, not buying it. Check out the incident below, which occurred in La Conner, Washington, on the Swinomish channel:

According to Swinomish Tribal Police Chief Lou D’Amelio, there was only one occupant on the boat and no injuries were reported. So shoutout to that brave woman who was able to rescue that dude.

The Swinomish Tribal Police Department and the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office responded with boats and were able to extinguish the fire. That said, I’m sure this dude’s buddies will have a good laugh at him once they see video of him flopping his legs to safety.

h/t Goskagit

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