God of War Won’t Have a Season Pass

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty Images)

A couple of days ago, Cory Barlog, the creative director at Sony Interactive Entertainment and the man behind the first two installments of the immensely popular God of War franchise, announced on his Twitter account that the upcoming game will not have a season pass. This means that the hyped players won’t be able to pre-order the game and its possible DLCs. They will simply have to wait for the game to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Although a fan asked him about the plot, Barlog didn’t want to reveal any details yet; he simply offered his biased opinion that the game is amazing.

God of War 2018 Details

This information doesn’t give us a lot to go on, but it does tell us something. First of all, if there’s no season ticket, this means that any DLC for the game will be free. This also means that the planned downloadable content probably won’t be that substantial or extensive. Of course, there might not even be any DLC.

Regarding the actual plot of the game, we don’t know a lot except that Kratos now has a son, Atreus, to whom he is also a mentor. In order to help teach him everything he knows, Kratos must  The game is considered a soft reboot because it will take place in the world of Norse mythology. All other game installments up to this point were based around Greek mythology. When it comes to gameplay, it is said that the game will be completely different and will only be available in the single-player mode. It will  also feature a number of RPG elements including the latest trend in gaming – crafting.

Barlog also stated that this game will certainly not be the last in the series. According to the Head of Studio, Shannon Studstill, the entire franchise had gotten a little stale and needed rework. Kratos will no longer be simply an enraged divine slayer, but a matured role model to his son. Besides the Nordic mythology, the future God of War games might also visit the Egyptian, as well as the Mayan culture. So far, these are only rumors. We have yet to see what will come of it.