Poor Guy Heading To His Office Job Slips And Falls All The Way Down His Driveway

Photo: terminator (Getty)

If there was ever a sign that today was going to be a day where you should just turn around and head back inside to work from home because nothing good was going to happen elsewhere, well, this was it.

Tim Besecker and millions of others along the East Coast recently had to deal with a real kick in the dick that came in the form of frigid temperatures, several feet of snow and of course, ice when a strong winter storm wreaked havoc on their livelihood. In Tim’s case, it left a sheet of black ice that blanketed his entire driveway outside of his Ashburn, Virginia home.

And just how do we know so much about Tim Besecker?

Well, according to KHOU, a security camera on his house captured him slipping and sliding down his entire driveway before finally taking an epic tumble into the grass that no doubt fucked up the new suit he got for Christmas, and the footage of that spill was thankfully shared by his wife on her Facebook page for all to see.

And by “all” we mean that more than 28 million people to date have watched Tim Besecker eat shit on his icy driveway. Now it’s your turn:

Let’s be honest. The chance of you watching poor Tim take that epic tumble just once is somewhere between zero percent and no fucking chance.

The good news for him is that nothing on his body was harmed during the fall. Well, except perhaps for his ego.

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