New Music Premier: “Lady Rain” By Night Marcher

Labeled as “chameleon psych pop,” Utah’s own Night Marcher is slowly gaining a steady following. Their latest track, “Lady Rain,” certainly fits the aforementioned label and is worth a listen if you’re into indie rock similar to the Alabama Shakes.

With its catchy melody on the keys, I think “Lady Rain” is a whimsical indie rock track that can take you through unfamiliar territory, which is fitting considering where the band’s songwriter has taken him over the years.

“The tune is a portrait of so many people we all know – people that allow themselves to be taken advantage of time and time again,” said songwriter Rob Reinfurt. “I know, I’m guilty of it.  Allowing this to go on will drain your confidence and control. After being beaten down, you can only fight back the same way that you’ve been abused, in a juvenile manner……It’s vicious to see people go through this.”

Night Marcher was formed when Reinfurt was handed a Horde Tour Compilation CD with the track “Night Marchers” on it (Medeski, Martin and Wood). Ten years later, after “selfish wandering and social promiscuity,” Reinfurt used his own demons and angst to create a treasure trove of new material that he calls “rock songs, fuzz, reminiscent of the ones which rattled his teenage years.”

Soon those fuzzy rock songs turned psychedelic and full of life. There is also an upcoming tour expected to be announced soon.

You can also listen to Night Marcher’s latest album Modern Maze on iTunes.

Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Crave, a sports guy and a long-time wannabe punk rocker. Follow him here.

Photo: @NightMarcherMusic


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