The Most Fascinatingly Peculiar Comic Books Released In December 2017

Superhero Team Silhouette in Big City. Photo: yogysic (Getty).

We are living in the golden age of wacky comic books. Or is it the Silver Age? Modern? Whatever. I don’t want to nerd this place up immediately and lose half of you right off the bat. The point I’m trying to make is that comics are so much more diverse and accessible than they used to be, and the funniest part of that is seeing the crazy concoctions, crossovers, and all out lunacy that hits the shelves every month.

Surely you immediately noticed that this is a list of comics that are already on the stands and not upcoming. That was intentional, believe it or not. As a comic fan, there is nothing more annoying to me than solicits. Don’t get me wrong, I love to know what’s on the horizon, but then I just get antsy and have to wait for the actual release dates. So instead, we rounded up the craziest comic books put out this past month so that once you know they exist, you can waste no time going out and seeing how ridiculous (but usually entertaining) they really are.

Fascinatingly Peculiar Comics Released In December 2017

Quite a way to cap off 2017. What fascinatingly peculiar comics lie ahead in the new year? What are we, some sort of dorky soothsayers? Just wait until the last week in January to find out like everyone else.

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