Murder By Mistletoe: 10 Christmas Crime Movies for Hardboiled Audiences

Tis the season for mirth, for merriment, and yes, a little bit of murder. Crime doesn’t stop just because it’s December, and filmmakers have been taking advantage of the weird contrast between season’s greetings and hardboiled hardboiled homicide for many, many years.

So if you’ve had enough holiday treacle, or even if you just prefer your Christmas wardrobe to emphasize your collection of overcoats and fedoras, you’re going to want to check out some of these great, or at least noteworthy Christmas crime movies. They take the something beautiful and make it dark and compelling, and they might just make you realize that your own troubles aren’t nearly as bad as folks who just ripped off the mob, or recently ran afoul of sinister cabals of sex addicts.

Happy holidays! Or, to quote the greatest holiday gangster of them all…

Christmas Crime Movies for Hardboiled Audiences:

 Top Photo: Focus Features

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