In A Battle Of Wasp Vs. Bee, Only One Is Flying Away Intact

Fighting wasp. Photo: andrzej5003 (Getty).

Bees can be big, fat jerks sometimes. That’s the nature of their bees-ness. Gotta protect that honey, after all. As for wasps, well, if we hadn’t decided to look into things before making blind accusations, we’d have assumed they are just angry little f–kers looking to get their sting on at any opportunity. But apparently, like bees, they do serve a purpose when it comes to pollinating plants and flowers as they feast on the sweet, sweet nectar within. Who would have thought creatures who feed on sugary fluid could be such unforgiving bastards?

Wasp Tears Bee In Half During Epic Battle

But enough talk of bees versus wasps. It’s time we put the focus on an individual bee versus an individual wasp. Which of the two can truly back up their “don’t mess with me” persona? The answer might surprise you, but not in the way you think. Namely, one is about to get their ass literally handed to them.

You can read “wasp tears bee in half” and still not be prepared for what that entails. We certainly weren’t. Hell, we just ran into the Predator and showed him, only to have him throw up in a garbage can. It just goes to show you that wasps can turn even the manliest man into a sniveling baby. Well, baby doll at the very least.

h/t eBaum’s World

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