New Music | Joji Makes a Name for Himself

One of the most compelling and ambitious “creatives” to come along in the DIY, do-everything Digital Age is Joji aka Filthy Frank aka Pink Guy aka George Miller (his birth name).

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The Japanese-Australian YouTuber has amassed millions of fans online, but is now transitioning to become a more traditional music artist with the release of his debut EP, In Tongues via 88 Rising (out today). Check out Joji’s single and music video for “Will He” directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen below. 

“This is an important piece of work to me because my emotions not only get conveyed through lyrics but with sounds and textures,” says Joji in a press statement. “To me, that’s what music is; communication. I feel the need to communicate with the listener because when we’re on the same page, it’s a magical experience.” 

Although Joji the creative is best known for his oft-kilter humor, anti-PC hijinks and ukulele-playing there is no denying that he takes his music seriously. Blending elements of Millennial-friendly trap, electronic, emo, folk and R&B In Tongues has a very James Blake-ian vibe.

Listen for yourself by streaming/purchasing Joji – In Tongues EP:


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