Watch Karl Stefanovic Make Boyz II Men Cringe With His Karaoke Skillz

Karl Stefanovic has delivered the ‘Like A Version’ from hell during a cringetastic new interview with your mum’s favourite band Boyz II Men, on your mum’s favourite TV show, Today.

The larrikin host went full dad during the chat with the iconic boyband this morning, taking it upon himself to one-up their spellbinding a cappella of ‘End Of The Road’ by befouling the air with an ear-splitting rendition of the Beach Boys classic ‘In The Still Of The Night’, and refusing to cease and desist despite loud and repeated requests from his fellow hosts and the R&B trio themselves.

“You are gonna stop, right?” Nathan Morris exclaimed before yanking out his earpiece and telling his fellow bandmates to “let me know when he’s done”, as the other two Boyz/Men laughed along awkwardly and co-host Richard Wilkins merely buried his head in his hands in an act of unmistakeable shame.

Refusing to be deterred, however, Stefanovic continued to plough gleefully onward with his eardrum-defiling karaoke attempt in the manner of a drunken uncle at a 21st birthday.

“You realise he’s representing your nation, right?” Morris added when Stefanovic finally ceased fire.

Painful viewing to be sure. Watch at your own discretion.